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These works have been commercially published by a music publisher. Copies should be available from a good sheet music retailer or choral music specialist. Many publishers also offer direct sale through their website. Copies can also be obtained direct from the composer.

SULASOL (Finland)

Upper voices (SA, SSA, SSAA)

  • A Celtic Blessing (1995)  SSAA (SULASOL S392)

  • Alleluia (1985)  SSAA (SULASOL S641)

  • Ave Maria (1993)  solo sop., 2-part choir (or SSA), piano (or organ) (SULASOL S427)

  • Be With Me Lord! (1999)  SSAA (SULASOL S639)

  • Bound for Canaan Land (2003) SSAA (SULASOL S1054)

  • Christmas Cradle Song (1996)  SA (SULASOL S540A)

  • Daniel Saw the Stone (2005) SSA (SULASOL S1304)

  • Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Roun' (2004) SSAA (SULASOL S1305)

  • E pari ra (2003)  solo soprano, SSA, piano (arrangement of the Maori song) (SULASOL S1631)

  • Got a Home In That Rock (1997)  solo soprano, SSAA (SULASOL S501)

  • Läksin Minä Kesäyönä Käymään (1989)  2 SSA choirs (SULASOL S341)

  • O Vos Omnes (1991/92)  SSAA or SSATB (SULASOL S428)

  • Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day (1999) SSA, guitar (or piano) (SULASOL S1056)

  • The Christmas Star (2000) Sa, flute and piano (SULASOL  S1578

  • This Old Hammer  (1983)  SSAA (SULASOL S640)

Male voices

  • Across the Line (Three New Zealand Folksongs) (2005)  TTBB (SULASOL S1303)

  • Alleluia (1984)  antiphonal men's voices, horn, organ (SULASOL S642)

  • Four New Zealand Maori Songs (2001)  TTBB (SULASOL S1632)

  • I'm A-Going to Join the Band (2005) solo baritone, TBB, piano (SULASOL S1306)

  • May The Road Rise To Meet You (1990)  TTBB (SULASOL S498)

  • Time Pieces (2004)  TTBB, piano (SULASOL 1316)

Mixed voices

  • A New Commandment (2003)  solo soprano and baritone, SATB (SULASOL S1302)

  • Caliban's Song (1988)  SSAATTBB (SULASOL S499)

  • Christmas Cradle Song (1996)  SATB, organ (or piano) (SULASOL S540B)

  • Got a Home in That Rock (1997/2000) version for solo soprano, SATB

  • Love Came Down At Christmas (1991)  SAB, organ (SULASOL S539)

  • Lux Aeterna (1979)  SSAATB (SULASOL S500)

  • Me he manu rere (2009) SATB (arrangement of the Maori song) (SULASOL S1580)

  • Set Me as a Seal (1999) SSATB

  • Veni, Sancte Spiritus (2000) SSATB (SULASOL S1315)


  •  Christmas Bells (1996)  2-part voices and piano (BriLee Music BL139) (out of print 2003)


  • A Song Of Ruth (1991)  SAB (Colla Voce Music 21-20402)

  • May The Road Rise To Meet You (1990)  SSAA (optional guitar) (Colla Voce Music 21-20207)

  • May The Road Rise To Meet You (1990)  SATB and organ (Colla Voce Music 21-20106)


  • Hine e Hine (1997)  SSATB unaccompanied (earthsongs)

  • Song For A Young Country (1989)  SSAATTBB (earthsongs)


  • My Master Hath A Garden (1985)  SSAA, flute (Neil A. Kjos Music Co ED.8762)


  • Lullaby Carol (in "World Carols for Choirs")

  • The First Christmas (in "Christmas Voiceworks")

  • We Three Camels (in "For Him All Stars")


  • An Irish Blessing (HL08501525)

  • Only the Moon has Secrets (HL08501534)

  • The Moon is Silently Singing (HL08501530)