Orchestral music


1978         In Memoriam Charles Ives           3232;4330;timp,2perc;str

1979         Hymn No.2                                   6vn,3va,3vc,2perc

1979         Double Percussion Concerto       1111;1120;2perc;str

1980         The Heat Death of the Universe   212(1)0;3331;3perc,pf;str

1981         Atlas Eliptica                                4343;4331;timp,2perc,hp;str

1983         Cambridge Fanfare '84                brass ensemble

1984         Fanfare for Philip Glass               brass ensemble (3 versions)

1985         The Ripe Breath of Autumn         solo hn, 2111;0000;perc;str

1985         Fanfare for a Special Occasion   brass (3331)

1985         Well Done. Mister Bach               2perc,str
(commissioned by Auckland Youth Orchestra)

1986         One More Time, Mister Couperin 1121;2100;2perc,hd,pf,str
(commissioned by Christchurch Symphony Orchestra)

1987         Passacaglia                                 fl solo,2cl,hn,perc,str
(commissioned by Michael McLellan and Epsom Girls Grammar School)

1987         Kaleidoscope Variations
2021;2200;2perc,pf,str;SSA voices (ad lib)
(commissioned by St Matthew's Chamber Orchestra)

1987         Parabasis                                     0000;4231;2perc;pf;str
(winning work in Dunedin Sinfonia's composer's competition)

1988         A Song of Tamatea                      trad Maori instruments, str
(revised as ‘An Offering for Parihaka’ 2000)
(commissioned by the NZ Symphony Orchestra)

1988         Kaleidoscope Variations 2           3222;4231;timp,2perc,str

1990         Hyperbole (fanfare for orchestra) 2222;4231;timp,2perc;str
(commissioned by Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra)

1990         Overture 1990                              3222;4231;timp,2perc;pf;str
(commissioned anonymously for Auckland Youth Orchestra)

1991         Three Auckland Postcards           2121;2210;2perc,pf;str
(commissioned by the Young Philharmonic Orchestra, Auckland, with funding from the QEII Arts Council)

1993         Excursion for Orchestra               2222;1200;2perc;timp;pf;str
(commissioned by Epsom Girls Grammar School with funding provided by the QEII Arts Council)

1998         Elysian Fields                              3222;4231;2perc;timp;str
(commissioned by Auckland Youth Orchestra)

1999         Zarya                                           32ca2bcl2cbn;4331;timp;3perc;pf;org;str
(commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra)

1999         Millennial Maggie                        3222;4231;timp;3perc;hp;str
(commissioned by Wellington Sinfonia)

2000         Leukos                                         3223;4231;timp;3perc;cel/pf;hp;str

2000         Euphoria                                      concert band
(commissioned by North Shore Youth Band)

2002         A Flight of Dragons                      brass band

2002         Suite from ‘Romeo and Juliet’     2222;2200;2perc;str

2003         Piece in Celebration: Puke Ariki 2222;2231;timp;3perc’str
(winning work in the New Plymouth Orchestra’s composer’s competition)

2004         Concerto Grosso No. 2                 2vln,vc,strings
(commissioned by St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland)

2004         Suite from “Mister Bones and Mister Jones”        2222;2200;2perc;str

2004         Folk Song Suite for Strings          string orchestra

2004         Songs on Fishing Boats at Dusk   2222;2200;timp;2perc;strings

2004         Taharoto                                      2221;2310;timp;3perc;pf,strings

2005         Black Watch Overture                  2222;0000;2perc;pf;strings
(commissioned by St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland)

2005         Piano Concerto                            solo piano;2222;2220;timp;4perc;str

2005         Across the Line                            1111;1200;2perc;str (optional TTBB)

2006         Three Folk Songs of the Sea       concert band (intermediate level)

2007         St Mary’s Overture                       2222;2200;timp,str

2007         Hine Raukatauri                           solo flute, harp, perc., strings
(1st prize, Haifa International Competition for Composition 2007, Israel)

2008         Caveat Emptor                             3333;4231;timp;2perc;hp,str

2008         Breaking the Quiet                      solo baritone,   030(bcl)2;3331;timp;2perc;hp;cel;str

2009         New Street Promenade               concert band

2009         Concertino for Percussion and Chamber Orchestra
                                                    312tsax0;0221;perc solo;str

2009         Flight                                           picc2222;4231;timp;3perc;hp;pf;str

2010         Solar Phoenix                              solo trumpet, 212,bcl,tsax,1;1111;2perc;str

2011         Pike River                                    solo violin, strings

2011         Memorial                                     solo violin, strings

2012         Children of the Fire Gods            picc2222;2331;timp;3perc;pf;str

2012         Double Percussion Concerto No. 2
                                                    2 solo perc;picc3221;2321;timp;2perc,str

2012         Concertino for Oboe and Strings             solo oboe, string orchestra

2012         The Rising of Puanga                  string orchestra, harpsichord

2012         Danielle’s Bassoon                      bassoon, string orchestra

2013         The Coming of Te Ihorangi          picc,2222;3211;timp;3perc;pf;str

2013         Chimera                                       solo organ,       picc22ca2bcl2cbn;4331,timp,2perc,hp,str

2013         The Kingston Flyer                      string orchestra, piano

2014         Jekyll and Hyde                           concert band

2014         Double Concerto                          flute and oboe solo, chamber orchestra

2015         Concerto for Piano Duet              piano duet, orchestra

2015         Paper Cut                                    piano solo, concert band

2015         Aotearoa Fanfare                         picc2222;4331;timp;3perc;hp;str
(commissioned by Peter Thomas for Auckland Symphony Orchestra)

2016         Angkor Wat                                  picc222bcl2;2331;timp;3perc;str