Large Scale Choral Works


1980     Litany 1
narrator, unison chorus, SSA(B), chamber group  (fl,cl,tr,bari,2vn,pf) and orchestra: 303(alto sax)(bcl)0;1310;timp,3perc;str

1986     Te Deum
solo alto, 2 semi-choruses (SSA, SAB), SAATBB choir, 3 perc, pf, organ (also available for orchestra: 1202;2300;3 perc;pf;org;str)
(commissioned by Auckland Choral Society)

1987     And Music Shall Untune the Sky
SATB, (2)3232;3331;timp,3perc,pf;str
(commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra)

1988     From Age To Age Endure
solo soprano, SATB, chamber ensemble (fl, cl, trp, bass, pf) or piano duet
(commissioned by Auckland Youth Choir)

1990     Paraha
alto solo, SSAATB, brass quintet (2 trp, hn, 2 trom), 2 perc, pf, organ
(commissioned by Christchurch Harmonic and Auckland Choral Societies)

1991     Rossetti Fragments (revised 2008)
SATB choir, 313,asax,tsax,1;2221;timp,4perc;2kbd;hp;str
(commissioned by Hamilton Music School 1991)

1991     To the Christ Child
SSA and SATB choirs, 1111;1000;perc;strs (or SSA choir with solo soprano)
revised version (2010): solo soprano and SATB choir with piano duet accompaniment

1992     Dance-Song To The Creator
SSA and SATB semi-choruses, SAATB, percussion, piano duet
(commissioned by the 1993 International Summer School in Choral Conducting)

1994     Taonga: Gift of the Land
children's choir (SA), SATB choir, 212(2sax)1;2201;timp;2perc;pf;org;str (accompaniment also available for piano duet, percussion and organ)
(commissioned by Nelson School of Music)

1996     The Dragons are Singing Tonight
SATB, brass band (also available for orchestra)
(commissioned by Auckland Choral Society)

1996/8 Two Dragonsongs (from “The Dragons are Singing Tonight”)
SSA or SATB, chamber orchestra (2222;2200;4perc;str)

1999     A Shakespeare Garland
SAATB, piano, guitar (optional)

1999     Seven Last Words from the Cross (revised 2007)
tenor solo, SATB, 1201;0300;timp;hchd,str
(commissioned by the NZ Symphony Orchestra)

2000     Celebrate the Earth!
SAATBB, 2202;0300;timp;hpsd;org;str (or for orchestra and jazz band(s))

(commissioned by Auckland Choral Society)

2000     Eucharistic Liturgy
congregation, SATB, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, organ (or piano or organ)
(commissioned by Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland)

2001     Crux fidelis
soprano and alto solo, SSA, chamber orchestra (2121 0000 perc pf str)
(commissioned by Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland)

2001     Tama ngakau marie
solo alto, SSA (or SATB), chamber orchestra (2121 0000 perc pf str)
(commissioned by Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland)

2001     A New Zealand Aviary
2-part treble choir (optional), SATB, chamber ensemble (fl,cl,perc,vln,vc,pf)
(commissioned by the Waikato branch of the NZ Choral Federation)

2001     Invocation
SATB, 2201;0300;perc;hpschd;str (revised score 2008)
(commissioned by Carl Browning for the NZ Combined Choir and Orchestra 2002)\

2002     Monday’s Troll
bass clarinet, SAATB, orchestra (3212;4331;timp;3perc;hp(optional);pf;str)
also available for bass clarinet, SAATB, 1(picc)202;2300;timp;3perc;pf;str
(commissioned by Christchurch Symphony Orchestra)

2003     Whisper to me
SSA, 2 solo vln, perc, str
(commissioned by St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland)

2003     Laudamus hodie!
unison choir, SSA, orchestra (2221;2200;timp;3perc;synth(harp);pf;str) plus optional concert band parts (2fl,ob,2cl,bcl,2asax,tsax,trp,trom) and handbells
(commissioned by Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland)

2004     Night Visions
solo soprano, SATB, piano (or orchestra: 0000;0221;3perc;hp;str)

2004     Missa Pacifica
soprano and alto soloists, youth choir (SATB), mixed-voice choir, orchestra (0000;0330;5perc;2hp;str)
(commissioned by Auckland Choral)

2005     A Child Comes Forth
SSA, harp, percussion

2006     Missa Semplice
SAB, piano (or organ), or chamber orchestra (2220;2200;perc;strings)

2006     A Christmas Fanfare
2 treble-voice choirs, SATB, brass trio, orchestra (2222;2220;timp;perc;str)

2007     The Road to Bethlehem
SAB, organ (or piano)

2007     Christmas Crackers
SA(T)B, piano (or organ)

2007     A Little Easter Cycle
SAB, piano

2007     The Ring of Words
SAATB, 2222;4200;timp;2perc;hp;pf;bagpipes;str


2009     A la Carte (five gastronomical songs)
SATB, piano


2010     And Music’s Power Obey
SATB, ensemble (fl,trp,timp,vln,vc,pf,org) or chamber orchestra (ob,bn,trp,timp,pf,str)


2010     Awful Ogre’s Awful Day
solo alto and baritone, SATB, orchestra (0000;0300;2perc;pf.strings)


2011     Down on the Farm
SAB, piano


2011     The Shop of Dreams
alto solo, SAB, piano


2011     Christmas Here and There
SATB, brass band
(commissioned by South Auckland Choral Society)

2011     Serenade
SSAA, chamber orchestra (2222,2200,timp,3perc,hp,str)

(commissioned by Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville GA, USA)


2012     The Necessary Rain
soprano, SAATBB, orchestra (1202;2230;timp;2perc;cel;str)
(commissioned by Auckland Choral)


2012     Angels and Shepherds and Wise Men All
soprano and baritone solo, SSA and SATB choirs, organ


2013     Ubi Caritas
SAB, piano


2013     Anthem for Doomed Youth
tenor solo, SAATB choir, chamber orchestra


2013     A Call to Arms
baritone solo, SATB, piano
(commissioned by Cantando Choir, Hamilton)


2013     Dona Nobis Pacem
Children's choir (SA), SSA and SATB semi-choruses, SATB choir, piano duet and percussion
(commissioned by George College and State University, Milledgeville GA, USA)