Chamber Music


1978        Canticle 1          baritone, ob, pf

1978/9     Hymn No.2          6vn,3va,3vc,2perc

1979        Chamber Music 5          sop,ob,2pf,3perc, and 2 offstage               string quartets

1981        Canticle 3          medium voice,fl,pf

1981        Philagree          ob,2vn,va,vc,cb
                (commissioned by Radio New Zealand)

1982        Slides 1          fl,tbn

1982        Slides 2          3 double basses

1982        Slides 3          flute solo

1982        Slides 4          horn solo

1983        Canticle 4          m-sop,ca,pf

1984        Those Good Old Cambridge Ragtime-Caravan Blues          3vn,hn

1985        Vocalise          fl,3perc,org

1985        Slides 5          baroque flute, crotales

1985        Nix Olympica          ob,cl,bn,hn,pf
                (commissioned by the Music Federation)

1986        Slides 6          fl,3perc

1986        Slides 7           3tm,tb,synth

1987        Kaleidoscope          2ob,2cl,2bn,2hn
                (commissioned by Wellington Chamber Music Society)

1987        Slides 8          flute solo

1989        Hurdy Gurdy          fl,cl,vn,pf
                (commissioned by the Zelanian Ensemble)

1990        Meditation on 'The Bronze Rider'     carillon
                (commissioned by Timothy Hurd)

1990        2 Baroque Arrangements          fl(alto fl),cl,va,pf
                  1 Ich Ruf' Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ (Bach)
                  2 Sonata No. 90 in F sharp minor (Soler)

1991        Suite from 'Mister Bones and Mister Jones'          piano duet

1994        Promat Chorus Hodie           fl,vc,pf
                (commissioned by Chamber Music NZ)

1994        Introduction, Rondo and Finale          2 guitars
                (commissioned by the New Zealand Guitar Duo)

1995        He Ha Kotahi          koauau, flute ensemble
                (commissioned by the NZ Flute Society)

1995        Euphoria          fl(picc),perc,vla,db,pf

1997        Canción de la noche          m-sop,fl,2hn,pf

1999        Pioneer Spirit          solo guitar
                (commissioned by Bruce Paine)

1999        Penny Farthing          piccolo, flute, string quartet

1999        Working Week          2 horns, bass trombone, tuba, percussion, double bass, harp

1999        Scherzo for solo cello          solo cello
                (commissioned by Rebecca Hendl)

2000        Mosaic          violin, cello, harp
                (commissioned by James Wallace)

2002        Rice Queen          saxophone quartet
                (commissioned by Saxcess)

2004        Night Thought           flute, piano

2005        Oriori          solo piano

2006        Dreamwaltz          solo flute

2007        Quartet for brass         2 cornets, baritone, trombone

2007        Duo for Baritone and Trombone          baritone, trombone

2007        Jandal Slap Jig           recorder ensemble, piano, and jandals
                (commissioned by Christchurch Schools Music Festival)

2008        Undercurrent          fl, alto sax, bn, vc, pf
                (commissioned by New Plymouth Boys High School)

2008        Canticle 5          sop,ob,pf

2008        Pokarekare ana          flute choir

2009        Kristallnacht          fl, guitar, pf, 2 perc.
                (commissioned by New Plymouth Boys High School)

2009        Quintet for Two          voice, cl, vn, piano duet
(commissioned by Jonathan Christiansen)

2010        Imagined Dances           flute, violin, guitar

2010        Tui          2 pianos - 8 hands

2010        Shopping Spree          viola, piano (with optional cello)

2011        There’s Something Funky About Mary          wind ensemble, boomwhackers and piano

2011        Ghost Dance          2 pianos, 8 hands

2011        Three Rags          2 pianos, 8 hands

2011        A Quick Game of Cards          cello, piano

2012        Modus Vivendi          cl,asax,bn,trp,db,pf

2013        Jade Variations           flute, 3 violins, cello

2013        Five New Zealand Characters          piano duet

2013        Circuit Breaker                                      flute, marimba, piano
                (commissioned by Jocelyn Beath)

2013        Wairua                                                   harp solo

2014        Pastorale                                               trumpet, trombone, piano

2014        Mobile                                                   2 pianos, 8 hands

2014        Riding the Rails                                    6 hands, one piano

2015        Carousel                                                alto sax, tenor sax, piano

2015        The Faraday Cage                                violin cello, piano
                (commissioned by NZTrio)

2016        Parlour Games (String Quartet No. 2) string quartet
                (commissioned by the Jade Quartet)